Duftsäckchen (ca. 30 g) IRIS

fresh & clear, unobtrusive scent … also very popular in the bathroom & towel cabinet – scent duration: 12 months

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Filling weight: approx. 30g Color: see illustration Direction of fragrance: tart-fresh, ideal bathroom fragrance Areas of application: wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bathroom cabinet, toilet Scent duration: approx. 1 year The scented sachets have been known in Spain and France for years. The idea for this alternative of room and cabinet scenting is based on a well-known and often encountered problem: Before the development of the scented sachet, lovers of room scents only had the option of placing fragrance wood soaked in oil, pottery shards drizzled with oil or potpourri in the cabinets to conjure up a fresh scent in the textiles. The problem with this, however, was that the above-mentioned fragrance dispensers could never be placed directly in the laundry, as oil and paint residues could be found on the textiles. The use of potpourri, i.e. dried and scented flower petals, did not last too long, as they lost their scent after about 4 weeks. Slowly but steadily, the desire for a product arose which was problem-free and at the same time long-lasting in the fragrance. This is how the scented sachets were created: They are organza bags filled with approx. 30 grams of plastic granulate. The undisputed advantage of this is that the plastic granules are already scented during their special production and therefore contain the oil and give off the scent, but do without undesirable side effects such as stains. This allows you to give your laundry a thoughtful – and worry-free fragrance. You just put the scented sachets in the closet, in the bathroom, in the toilet, in the car … wherever you want a subtle and fresh scent. The scented sachets are completely easy to care for, as they neither have to be sprayed nor moistened and still retain their scent for about 1 (!) Year.  

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