Doshaöl / Massageöl 500 ml KAPHA


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with jojoba oil, sesame oil & the scent of bergamot, lime & rosemary… for Ayurvedic care & massage

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Care oil consisting of cold-pressed jojoba oil (BIO quality), cold-pressed sesame oil, 100% natural essential oils bergamot, lemon, rosewood, rosemary; for daily care or for an Ayurvedic massage. (buxus chinensis, sesamum indicum, citrus aurantium bergam., citrus limonum, aniba ros., Rosmarinus officinalis)  

The personal mixing proportions of the doshas are decisive for our skin type and our body:

  Characteristics of the individual doshas:



  • physique delicate
  • dry, thin, skin
  • thin hair, usually dark, curly or curly
  • long, rather angular face weakly developed chin
  • thin neck
  • narrow, rather long nose, sometimes curved
  • Small brown to gray eyes, often close together
  • small, narrow mouth
  • irregular teeth,
  • irregular appetite
  • quick and impulsive
  • Tendency to light and interrupted sleep, sometimes disturbed sleep
  • quick to get enthusiastic, lively
  • Easily excitable, subject to mood swings, worries too quickly and too often
  • quick learner but bad memory


  • fair shiny skin, mostly soft, prone to sunburn, freckles and liver spots
  • fine and soft, often reddish or blond hair
  • heart-shaped face, pronounced chin
  • normal neck
  • straight nose
  • often light blue or green eyes of normal size
  • medium-sized mouth, curved lips
  • physique average
  • good digestion
  • Tendency to become irritable when stressed
  • does not like direct sun or hot weather
  • enterprising
  • sharp intellect
  • clear, clear language


  • full shiny hair, brownish
  • big round face
  • light often cool skin
  • strong neck
  • big nose
  • brown or blue eyes
  • big mouth with full lips
  • Teeth rarely misaligned, white and large
  • strong physique
  • slow movements, but persistent and powerful
  • calm and balanced mind
  • absorbs new things slowly, but good long-term memory
  • deep, long sleep

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