Sauna Duft / Sauna Öl / Konzentrat KIRSCHE

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Sweet, fruity sauna infusion concentrate

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The scent of our cherry sauna oil is fruity, sweet and fresh. With its cheerful aroma, it is a welcome change from the classic, healthy-smelling sauna oils and can also be wonderfully mixed with other fragrances such as mango or vanilla.

Our sauna and steam bath fragrances can make a significant contribution to making a visit to the sauna an all-round feel-good visit. We absorb smells through our noses. These smells stimulate our hormonal balance: bad smells, or smells that awaken negative memories in us, are reflected in our state of mind in the same way as good smells and the good memories associated with them. Our sauna fragrances are smells that have different positive effects on the soul. They have been selected and made with aromatherapy in mind.

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