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Our cherry stone pillows are cotton pillows that are filled with 200 or 1,000 g of cleaned and untreated cherry stones. They are particularly suitable for babies and toddlers who complain of abdominal pain and / or cramps. A special feature of the cherry pits is that they can be cleaned in the washing machine at 30 ° in the delicates program. Since the fillers, i.e. seeds, should be stored dry and at room temperature in order to avoid mold growth or the loss of the essential oils in the flowers due to drying out, you will receive all heat cushions from us in an airtight and closable box with a label and an information brochure on the possible uses of the individual pillows. People have always used either heat or cold for relief from pain. For a long time only the cherry stone pillows were known as heat pads. In the course of time, however, other seeds also turned out to be very attractive fillers, as they have similar and in some cases even higher heat storage capacities than cherry pits. Our fillers rapeseed, cherry stones, millet, grape seeds and amaranth are cleaned and untreated. These are only seeds, no waste products or peel. The seeds used come from a German company that specializes in biological cleaning and the sale of nutritional grains. For the correct handling of heat and cold: Heat is always used when the desired reusltet is relaxation – among other things in the form of better blood circulation. For example a tense shoulder, Neck pain, cramps, a stiff neck or menstrual pain: warmth relaxes the body, blood circulation is stimulated and you immediately feel better. Cold, on the other hand, is necessary when something has to be inhibited, e.g. B. swelling (sports injury), headache and toothache, eye swelling, stress and fatigue. Here cooling is necessary, which narrows the vessels and stops the swelling process.

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